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Ideal for centralized lubrication systems operating at normal temperatures.n Medium/hard industrial grease. It is used in machines and equipment operating in various media at normal / alkaline temperatures, for example: on alternating and direct currents, on direct and pulsating currents. Percentages, degrees, conditions of use and technical requirements are specified in the technical specifications.
Matte coating
Without mineral oils
0.3 – 0.9
n – 1
As the basis of a cast product, ELCO E-Chemical is a product in a medium-hard or solid consistency. It has great adhesion to any metals and their alloys, plastics, glass, elastomers, copper, lead and many other materials. Suitable for use in various media as a lubricant for polyurethane molds and silicones. Can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces. When lubricated and stored outdoors, protect from direct sunlight, rain and snow.
Recommended application temperature from -25 to +40°C, relative humidity up to 80%, flash point not more than 90°C. Doses of lubricant in terms of dry matter range from 1 to 14% of the mass of dry matter. The mixture should be stored indoors at temperatures between -5°C and +30°C in tightly closed containers.
When using ELCOS E -Chemicol – Click high/low temperatures below -20°C, it is recommended to close the “minus” to a higher “plus”.
Packed product in a 1 liter plastic jar. (for EKON-S-250) or a canister 1l., (for M-1200) in a box of 10 pcs. in a box or on polypropylene trays.
The inscription “Caution! High pressure!” (for example – mm Hg) on ​​the lid of the jar and the label to store under the lid.
To obtain a stable lubricant, it is recommended to use two cans of lubricant – one in operation and one after operation.
For acid neutralization ELKO 303 E or similar from 1.0 to 12.0% by weight of oil. 0.5-10% – stickiness, tacky



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