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To use AutoCAD, one must first obtain a license from Autodesk. Autodesk licenses are sold through Autodesk Authorized Resellers or distributors. The three main types of licenses available are Design, where the user creates a model of an actual product; Production, where the user can run a virtual factory, and Educational, which is for students and teachers.

AutoCAD has three main types of drawing commands that can be executed. The commands are called blocks. The blocks are listed in the command menu by default alphabetically, but this can be changed.

Block Command in AutoCAD

The command palette is divided into two sections; blocks and attributes. Both categories are available for all three types of blocks, depending on which type of block you are using.

Blocked Menu in AutoCAD

Blocking is a commonly used design technique in AutoCAD. This allows you to create groups of 2D or 3D objects. For example, you can create a building with multiple floors. To do this, you would create each floor in its own drawing. Then you would use Block to group the drawings together. Now you can move and rotate the floor as a whole, rather than individually.

A3 drawing in AutoCAD

You can also use block commands to draw templates, which you can reuse. If you want to create a kitchen for a house, you can create a 3D model, then draw a 2D template to place in your design, and create more 3D objects using the template. You can change the layout of the kitchen anytime, with the changes being reflected in your 3D drawings.

Inside drawing in AutoCAD

The other aspect of blocking is that it allows you to make areas or entire blocks transparent or invisible. This is useful for creating a hidden “under construction” design, or hiding extra parts of a design. For example, you can draw an automobile by placing each part on its own drawing, then place each part in a block, and make the block invisible.

View drawing in AutoCAD

Drawing Attributes in AutoCAD

Drawing attributes are important in AutoCAD. They can be used in many different ways, and many blocks have properties that allow you to change the attributes for the block in many different ways.

Attributes are classified as dynamic or static. Dynamic attributes

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External applications using the AutoCAD data format include RVT and F-Script

App Interfaces
AutoCAD 2012 also supports the following application interfaces:

AutoCAD 2012 R11 introduced the following interfaces:

External Links:
Microsoft Office XML Link (MSOXML) –
Microsoft COM Server Link (MCS) –

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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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package v1

import (

// GroupName is the group name use in this package
const GroupName = “”

// SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects
var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: GroupName, Version: “v1”}

// Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns a Group qualified GroupResource
func Resource(resource string) schema.GroupResource {
return SchemeGroupVersion.WithResource(resource).GroupResource()

var (
// TODO: move SchemeBuilder with zz_generated.deepcopy.go to
// localSchemeBuilder and AddToScheme will stay in
SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes

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#!/usr/bin/env python

# coding: utf-8

import gtk, sys

class NumberFrame(gtk.Frame):
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What’s New in the?

See a demonstration on how to send feedback directly from the MyCAD Business Edition app.

Design enhancements:

No more grid gaps, holes, and other inconsistences

Get easy, accurate markers on your drawing

Your team can all share and see the same changes to your model and drawing files at the same time

The fast new rendering engine now supports 3D environments

Customize your save and load options in the New Drawing dialog

Share your model with business partners

The new Ribbon opens more powerful features and tools

Find files and settings faster by using the new File Picker

When you save your model, you can now choose which types of files you want to save: DWG, DXF, STEP, XML or one of the Adobe formats

New commands for text and more

The new tool palette has more familiar tools

Much more…

AutoCAD 2018 is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

For Windows 10 users, you’ll receive AutoCAD 2023 in a full-feature install (64-bit only).

For more information and to sign up for AutoCAD 2023 Business Edition, click here.

More AutoCAD news:

Download AutoCAD 2017 SP4 from here.

AutoCAD® 2023 is available in April, 2019.

AutoCAD 2018 is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Read more about AutoCAD 2018 here.

Learn more about AutoCAD® 2023 by watching the video below.

Learn more about the new AutoCAD Customer Experience.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2020

The powerful tools in AutoCAD 2020 help you create and design projects faster and more easily. By automating repetitive tasks and introducing more intelligent tools, you can focus on your designs. You also have more choices on how you collaborate.

Find new templates for common tasks

Add new tools for your existing workflows

Get help when you need it, when you’re ready

What’s new in AutoCAD 19

AutoCAD 19 is the most powerful, easy to use, and widely-used application in its class. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use—and how much you can accomplish in your designs—when you use AutoCAD.


System Requirements:

Multi-monitor support:
– 1920×1080
The following are required for all screenshots:
– Windows 7, Windows 10
The following features require your OS to be patched.
Please keep in mind that many features are not fully optimized and may have bugs.
*Advanced GUI menu/tooltip
*Advanced help menu/tooltip
*Advanced update statusbar
*Script editor window not resizable
*For Window video settings window not resizable