Daniel E. Simon Composer, Programmer, Singer, Composer. Known for his work in the Trance and Ambient genre, with a diverse and vast body of work across various genres ranging from Ableton live sets, acoustic songs, beat-box covers, music production, sound design and voice-overs.
Daniel E. Simon: Overview. Daniel E. Simon is an active Electronic music composer and producer. He is also a singer/songwriter and sound designer. He also has made various beats.

Daniel E. Simon: In addition to his musical compositions, he is known for his video game voice acting. Here are the scores that I know of.
Daniel E. Simon: This is the link to my official website:
Daniel E. Simon: Follow me on: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube and Spotify.
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How can I add to a QComboBox’s current index by variable?

I have a variable that is currently set to 8 and a QComboBox. I would like the index of the item in the QComboBox to increment by +8 each time the user selects something from the list.
I currently have

Which will add to the current index of 0 by a value of 8. How can I perform this same operation by some variable value?


If I understand your question, it seems like you want the value of the QComboBox to increase by a value from 1 to 8, when a user selects an item and then the value of the QComboBox is multiplied by 8.
For this you would need to use the setCurrentIndex method of the QComboBox.
In the itemChanged signal method:
self.item_comboBox.setCurrentIndex(self.item_comboBox.findText(self.item_to_return)) * 8

where item_to_return is the text that the user clicked on.


JMeter: Dealing with responses from a HTTP executor

I need to get the responses from the executor server in JMeter. I am using the HTTP Sampler as an HTTP request executor and trying to extract the responses. I’m looking at the parameters for the HTTP Sampler, there is only one (http.url) which can be set. Is there a way to use JMeter to control what the response from the executor is? For example, if I used the URL: with a JsonServlet returning a JSON object with an Id and a Value, can I extract this Id and Value from the response body?

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How BNP could take over if it wins half of seats


By Tim McLaughlin

It’s impossible to tell at the moment how the BNP could take over an overall majority in a hung parliament if it wins half of the 59 seats.

Polling suggests a hung parliament is most likely. The Liberal Democrats are likely to win 27 seats, followed by a coalition government of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats with 27 seats.

When asked who they would vote for in a hung parliament, 18 per cent said the BNP, 13 per cent UKIP and 8 per cent Lib Dems.

Jonathan Isaby, BNP’s head of policy, said: “A hung parliament is the possible outcome of the election. Given this result, we are gaining in popularity.

“It is extraordinary that with just a handful of votes, we have become the most popular party in the country.

“The BNP has been marginalised for a generation, and


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