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The game you don’t have to do. It is made by yourself. You can meet friends in the game and communicate with them!

How do I configure Pod to connect to the cluster with secure certificates?

I am trying to configure using a containerized image the connection between the kubernetes master and the pod using a secure certificate.
I followed the example below:
I would like to know if it is possible to configure the pod to connect to the kubernetes master with the certificate?
In my case I have a connection to the cluster, using a managed public CA.
Thanks in advance for any help.


I am answering my own question as I have found a solution. The problem with the pod is that the kubelets are in the same cluster than the master, and they are getting the TLS certificates of the master to communicate.
The solution is to use the node TLS certificates in the pod’s kubelet, in the Pod.

I can cook, clean, shop, fold laundry, make beds, stack dishwasher, make the bed for the bedroom… oh wait…. that is your job. I can fold laundry, clean bathroom, vacuum, wash dishes, cook, laundry, clean and make the beds. My post will be a short one because I did all of these things yesterday. It was a good day, shall we say a 4 hour day. Ok here it is: a frugal meal for last night:


1/3 of a half a head of cabbage – $1.77

1 and 1/4lb of ham – $2.69

1 can of corn, drained – $0.79

1/2 cup of white rice – $0.69

1/2 of a slice of bread – $1.79

2 cups of milk – $1.79

Total for the meal: $9.93

I chopped off the cabbage stalk and then sliced the cabbage. I put the slicing in a colander so the water could go through the cabbage.

I split the ham in half so I had 1 and 1/4 lb of ham. I


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    Dungeons & Bombs Full Review

    Dungeons & Bombs is a fun, fast paced and under developed platformer. The game is set in a
    dungeon with three levels. Players progress levels by defeating bosses and then trading the
    items they find in the current level for a new armor or weapon to beat the next boss.
    During the game, pieces for the character’s armor or weapon are found in a set
    circle called the “Shrine” that will slowly fill over time. At the end of each level the
    Shrine will fill all the way and you begin with everything you wanted with one more
    piece being added to the building as you take damage from enemies in the level.
    When it’s filled, there is no respawning of pieces due to its ability to remove attack styles.
    The game has a lighthearted touch to it that makes it fun to play with short breaks after completing
    a level. The leaderboards and social features on the website are well done with new social
    features constantly being added. The game usually only takes about three to five hours,
    depending on how fast the player can complete the puzzle.
    The game has not received much attention since it released in 2011. Users report it being still
    buggy with running error messages left unexplained, and other reported successes; yet a number
    of negative reviews also exist. On February 6th, 2013, the developers made an update
    to address a majority of the issues but many are still reported to be unstable.
    The game’s glitches still exist, it doesn’t auto-save in game without pressing a button, and its
    controls seem to make a cake walk of


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    Programmer a world to become a better person.
    In this game, you will create a simple world and populate it with programmer life.In the end, you will find out how the people live there.

    Location: On your screen.

    Game Play Overview:A programming life is a very addictive and challenging game which comes with an infinite possibilities for games and programmers. You could experience the different possibilities in a lifetime.


    Programmer a world to become a better person.
    In this game, you will create a simple world and populate it with programmer life.In the end, you will find out how the people live there.

    While (You) World.Create() is about you and your automata. You will need to build different things to solve puzzles in her world.
    In the end, you will find that it is not just a video game. Unleash your brain power!
    Feel the power of programming in the game. Witness the fascination of infinite loops and paradoxes. Create infinitely many possibilities with your creativity!
    Solve unseen puzzles in the most unpredictable ways
    Open your sight to the programmer world. Immerse yourself into the sea of unseen puzzles. Unlock them one by one. The highest satisfaction comes from breaking the trickiest question in the most elegant method which you have ever created.
    Accept the challenge!
    Start your quest in the vast programming world. Your programmer life starts today!

    About This Game:

    Programmer a world to become a better person.

    In this game, you will create a simple world and populate it with programmer life.

    In the end, you will find out how the people live there.

    Experience infinite possibilities in life.

    In every possible ways, your world will change, but always lead to the same destination.

    Use infinite time to create different emotions.

    The game brings your imagination into life.

    You could experience the different possibilities in a lifetime.

    What’s New in Version 1.0.0

    You can sell robot stamps and decorate your app.

    In the end, you could get a Virtual Robot Stamp.

    Update your personal information.

    Version 1.0.0

    Sell robot stamps and decorate your app.

    In the


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    In XPlane, the biggest challenge is always the airport. To recreate a believable airport is a challenge for many scenery developers and the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport is considered one of the best airports that FSDG has built for this release. This scenery comes with aerial and ground photogrammetry textures as well as an accurate and detailed geometry for the airfield and runways. So there’s no excuse for disappointing airport performances. This scenery also comes with an animated ground traffic that reacts to the wind and the level of fuel in the tanks! The airport lighting is also optimized for great performance and visual quality. The manual included with the airport adds all the details for you to discover and explore this beautiful location.

    X-Plane 11 flight simulation. You can fly the Dassault Rafale, a French military jet fighter aircraft. The Dassault Rafale is a general purpose supersonic jet fighter designed in France. It was produced by the French company Dassault Aviation (formerly known as Dassault-Breguet) and used by several air forces, including those of France, South Africa, Canada, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    The plane has a reputation for its good aerodynamics, optimized performance (even in low-G flight), low noise levels and great pilot visibility. With 10,900 lbs. maximum take off weight, a maximum speed of Mach 1.2 and a range of 1750 km, it is a versatile aircraft well-suited to a wide range of roles.

    The city of Basse-Terre, or Basse-Terre, is a commune in Guadeloupe. The commune includes the villages of Basse-Terre, Capois-la-Bague, La Grande Terre, Lamentin, Lamentin-Belle-Anse, Lamentin-Basse-Terre, Lamentin-Canal, Lamentin-Grande-Terre, Lamentin-Sud, Lamentin-Vieux, Manchaudière, Manchaud, Mouron-Canal, Mouron-Plage, Mourron, Petit-Mourron, Petit-Plage, and Pointe-Bleue. Inhabitants of Basse-Terre are called Basse-Terrenais. In French Guiana, Basse-Terre is also the capital of the Guadeloupe Department.

    The island of Dominica is an island


    What’s new:

    Trident (tridentalis) is a genus of herbs that range in size from about 6–30 centimeters (2.3–12 inches) from corolla to leaf stalk. Most species are native to the Old World, with the largest number in the subfamily Balsamoideae. Most are commonly found growing in subarid and semiarid climates of the Mediterranean region, such as in southern Europe, Southern Africa, Australia, Western Africa, parts of India, Israel and South America. A few species occur in southwestern Russia.


    Most species have light green or yellow flowers held on an erect, fairly tall or drooping, and somewhat stellate bract like stem. Occasionally the flower stalk is reduced to a thread-like base or aerial roots are present. The tiny or absent petals are inconspicuously pink, green, or rose colored or often quite yellow; In most species these are the same color as the calyx. The five stamens lack appendages like the filaments of Compositae and are inserted in the bottom of the corolla tube. The unique morphology and color of the stamens are considered diagnostics in such small, cryptically colored flower parts.
    The ovary, which is superior, is often cup-shaped, but may also be somewhat funnel-shaped, or be of irregular shape in some species. It is usually accrescent after flowering and often cut or broken into segments within a few days after the flower is shed. Being superior, the ovary is located higher than the cucullus (the junction of the style and the ovary), which is truncate, or sometimes pointed; the cucullus is unequal and may be divided into two or more.
    Many of the plants in Trident, which are called cichoris or cichorisci, have different first and second florets from the third and fourth floret. The third floret is usually called the distal floret, the second floret is called the marginal floret, and the fourth floret is called the proximal floret. But the number of florets may be different in different parts of the plant, and some individuals of some plants have only two or even fewer florets. The anthers are purple and attached near the base of the fourth floret or distal floret. This floret is somewhat smaller than the common flower. The fourth floret has three yellow styles, and they progressively narrow from


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    Introducing Oris — a living ship that serves as your army in Seed of Agony! This game features a dynamic turn-based combat system and dozens of procedurally generated worlds. In order to help with your galactic exploration, Oris can grow new, expendable demons and weapons, and you can store them in her cargo hold so that you can use them in later battles.
    Major Features:

    Procedurally Generated Hundreds of Systems – Explore hundreds of systems, each with their own planets, varied ecosystems, and unique populations.

    Galactic Map – Map your journeys and fight your enemies in a persistent 3D galaxy map.

    Dynamic Turn-Based Combat – See what you encounter as you battle the enemies and bosses of the galaxy in real time.

    Slash and Burn Level Design – Every level in the game is designed from the ground up with a different structure, and systems and enemies are generated in real time to give a unique, continually changing experience.

    Cargo Hold for Resource Management – Upgrade your ship by stashing new items in her cargo hold, which can then be used to build your forces.

    Randomly Generated Missions – Each mission that you complete is generated randomly, and the different mission structures give a vast variety of experiences to explore.

    Auto-Save! – It’s the year 2250, and Earth is in a similar state as the one you left in the year 2050. The player is the Seed of Agony, a seed of demonic DNA and a tiny pebble in a vast, alien ocean of chaos and plasma.

    Procedurally Generated Monsters – Monsters are procedurally generated, and are extremely varied. Encounter new races, new attacks, and new types of enemies!

    Procedurally Generated Stages – Each stage is procedurally generated, with its own unique layout and visual aesthetic, and the types of enemy and items encountered can be different at every stage.

    Recordable Missions – Seed of Agony features a unique, procedurally generated, multi-story, narrative-driven campaign system. The player records his/her journey through the missions and then can either export the story as a book or save a copy to the save file.

    It’s All About the Randomness – With hundreds of systems, each with procedurally generated planets and environments, hundreds of planets, dozens of missions, monsters, items, and weapons, along with your ship that can be upgraded with different kinds of items. It’s all


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    System Requirements For Unlocked: The World Of Games, Revealed:

    Windows 10 PC
    Internet connection
    Graphics card with at least DirectX 11 support
    DirectX 12-compatible graphics driver
    Required Disk Space:
    Disk space for the ISO file – between 100-400 MB (recommended), depending on the size of your game
    If you’re installing the game to an external hard drive, be sure to check the compatibility of the system (required disk space). If the internal space available is smaller than the one of the recommended drive, you may need to use the “Split mode” or “Expert mode