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A teenage girl is scared, there’s a snake in the house and she’s not only lost her parents, she has no idea how to communicate with her not-so-normal friends. She’s starting to panic, so she runs to her favorite internet source: the horror movie theater!
In this room, where new stories are born, they can be rated from mild to blood and guts. A movie and a feedback system to help her decide what should be watched next.
Now she has to decide what to watch before her friends kill her.
This is a teenage version of the classic Monty Python’s Space Cadet. This has a different ending though.

How do you play?
A simple checklist to rate a movie.
You can watch the movie in several quality settings, so you can experience a movie in the way you like it. Watch it during your lunch break, after school, while working on your homework or playing on your game-console.

Why don’t I remember this movie?
The movie-world is full of movies, and it’s hard to know which one to pick. Movies are every thing to everyone. We’ve made a list of movies and you just have to pick one from it. We’ve also included some smaller movies in the list, because every movie starts small and becomes a movie. They all end different ways, different and only one way can be correct.

Do I have to watch all the movies?
No! We didn’t make this game to be boring. In fact it’s the other way around, you have to watch all of the movies to get to the end. So start the game, find a movie you like and start watching!

Do I get points for finishing the movie?
Nope! We didn’t make this game to be one of those games, where you play to get points. This is a game, where you play to watch movies you like and to help one of your friends find a new movie to watch.

I think this is the first game I’ve played!
I know this game, I’ve made it!


The music is great!
The music is great!





Features Key:

  • Play win games similar to adventure, driving, communicating with the child
  • Cooperate and you're a great pasttime game partner
  • Easy to install in your Window (download the app)
  • Support for more than one game


  • When you win a game, you may hear wind blowing. If you want to stop hearing the sounds, press "Stop" (F2)


Soft Wind [Updated]

In a world torn apart by the Great War, the city of Toarsh is ruled by an all-powerful wizard known only as “The Dark Wind.” In a land of deserts, blood, and dust, a young woman named Umah watches her people slowly die and her home destroyed, with no help in sight. Her sole objective now is to find the source of the fire magic that sears the land, and stop the nefarious wizard before he can destroy her kingdom. Umah’s journey to discover the truth about the wizard is only the beginning of her horrific ordeal.


Soft Wind: In a world torn apart by the Great War, the city of Toarsh is ruled by an all-powerful wizard known only as “The Dark Wind.” In a land of deserts, blood, and dust, a young woman named Umah watches her people slowly die and her home destroyed, with no help in sight. Her sole objective now is to find the source of the fire magic that sears the land, and stop the nefarious wizard before he can destroy her kingdom. Umah’s journey to discover the truth about the wizard is only the beginning of her horrific ordeal.

Soft Wind: The Dark Wind – A Brief History:

For years, the Dark Wind, one of Toarsh’s former rulers, has been dormant. At his death, the Dark Wind abandoned his empire with very little explanation of why or how he was able to pull off such a unique and seemingly impossible feat. The Dark Wind’s next job was to become the leader of a city called Toarsh which had suffered a colossal attack from a powerful military force. When the Dark Wind arrived at the now destroyed Toarsh, he expected to find chaos, destruction, and victory for himself. He was not mistaken. The city had been laid to waste by the invaders, leaving just a few scattered survivors behind to rot. The Dark Wind built his own army with the remaining remnants of the city’s citizens and forged his own empire.

The Dark Wind had a simple plan for his people: supremacy in the world. The Dark Wind was a powerful wizard who knew that he could make the world his own, so he began his journey to accomplish just that. He was successful; the people under his command followed his orders blindly, and his army became feared throughout the land. The Dark Wind was happy to have captured the strength and power of the Dark Wind. However


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Dead Fortress Beta:

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The Haunted Bog of Sudbury is a haunted attraction in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The attraction has been open since 1980.


The Haunted Bog of Sudbury has been open since 1980, and has become a popular attraction for the surrounding area. The attraction has its beginnings in the cottage of Harry Sanderson, a resident of Sudbury. Sanderson sought to construct a somewhat haunted attraction. Originally he sought to have an apparition of a woman who looked exactly like his wife. However, when Sanderson called up his wife for permission to construct the attraction, the woman was nowhere to be found, having apparently left the marriage with her husband several years prior to that time. This is where Harry Sanderson was unable to locate his wife and began his search for a haunted site.

One evening, while Harry Sanderson and his friends were drinking beer and eating pizza, Harry informed them of his plan to construct a haunted bog. His friends agreed to help in any way they could. It was decided that the site would be situated at a hunting camp that his friends had rented from their parents, which allowed the project to take place without worry of losing any potential customers.

Prior to construction, the friends of Harry Sanderson decided to dig a hole in the floor of the cottage, so that any noise made during the construction of the attraction would not reach the sleeping occupants. With the hole already dug, work on the attraction began. During the first few days of construction, Harry Sanderson was able to attract a few of his friends and acquaintances, which helped in his ability to keep up with the construction.

One of the earliest attractions built at the Haunted Bog of Sudbury, was a mannequin made of clay that was found during the excavation process of the bog. This particular mannequin was made by a friend of Harry Sanderson named George. George was the assistant to Harry Sanderson during the construction of the attraction. George decided to make the mannequin on his lunch break. For this particular mannequin, George decided to make it a red mannequin, due to the fact that he had already made a manne


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  • Copy Soft Wind Chat & Chat Sweepers
  • Dont copy the BIN folder inside the SoftWind directory
  • IF YOU HAVE AN older version Use “SoftWind v 1.3.10”, if you have a newer version of Soft Wind then use “Soft Wind”,
  • Open Soft Wind Installer And Run It As Administrator
  • Select OK
  • Soft Wind Installer will begin to Install Software, When Complete, Click “Finish”
  • Soft Wind Game Start With Windows
  • Enjoy

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