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Resolution: 2160x1296x32bit (native)
Video bitrate: 45 Mbps
Frame rate: 24 FPS
Inputs: Stereo (3D)
Inputs: Multichannel (4.0)
Audio bitrate: 128 kbps
Audio channels: Front Right, Front Left, Back Right, Back Left
Audio format: FLAC
Inputs: Stereo (2D)
Inputs: Tri-Down
INPUTS: Circle Pad (WII U)
INPUTS: Tri-Down
INPUTS: Dual/Tri/Circle (PS3/PS4)
INPUTS: Left/Right A/B (X360/XONE)
INPUTS: Wiimote X/Y (WII)
INPUTS: Keyboard (X360/XONE)
INPUTS: Analog (WII U)
INPUTS: Circle Pad (PS3/PS4)
INPUTS: Analog Stick (X360/XONE)
INPUTS: Rumble (X360/XONE)
INPUTS: Select (DE/UK)


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Roblox is an online multiplayer video game that lets people create their own fantasy games or MMOs online using game objects, props, and much more. Players are equipped with a special drawing-type tool which can be used to create all kinds of things including monsters, vehicles, buildings, and more. Players can share creations with other players or they can try to rank up by building more and more interesting things with the game objects they create.

Roblox is a multiplayer online game and a recent version of a massively multiplayer online game with characters and objects to help to create these characters. Players will have to develop their abilities in order to create high-quality graphics for their own game, or to gain the attention of other users.

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Roblox is an open world gaming system. Roblox opened up everything that the user can do in the game to other


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