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The consumer virtual world that is Roblox is filled with amazing things. Players create virtual worlds with the use of a program, called Blockly, that was developed by Roblox. Players can design their very own game, and they can play them with other people from around the world. They can play on their own, or they can become one of over a million of the worlds that they have created.

Player-created worlds are known as “Game” worlds. Game worlds range from simple “theme parks” with a story line to complex simulators of real world scenarios with a storyline, although there are different types of “simple” Game worlds such as Hide and Seek. Game worlds are created by players; as a result, they can be created at a very fast speed.

Roblox also hosts Adventure games, PvP games, traditional MMOs, and a variety of other types of games that are to some degree explorative. The Adventure games include things like classic games like “Maze Runner” and “Monster Maze” as well as new concepts such as “Mazes with Friends”.

There are over a million games that are hosted on Roblox, and the game creators are very creative. Players from all over the world can enjoy the worlds, and the game creators have the potential to make more games over time. Roblox is a great place for anyone with the desire to be a creative and innovative game creator.


The genre of games on Roblox spans a wide range. The different types of games are separated by important different things: the gameplay, the type of virtual world that it takes place, the type of content that it features, and the monetization model that it implements. The types of gameplay that can be found on Roblox range from pure random generated games to purely player-driven games. The types of virtual worlds that can be found on Roblox include large environments with landscapes and buildings, and smaller environments with just a few buildings. The types of content that the game will contain include both realistic and non-realistic aspects of the real world. The type of monetization model that a game uses will affect how much money is being paid to players in relation to the amount of time that they are being played.

For all of these different factors, the types of games that are hosted on Roblox are plentiful. Players are able to find free to play


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