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==> Roblox is an online game platform with free and paid accounts, with the in-game currency generated from ads (virtual currency) or using real money. It was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in November 2004. Starting as a hobby, the duo created “Project L,” a game where people could create their own sandbox worlds, with small worlds built almost for free and larger ones that cost money. The game’s name comes from the phrase “role-playing game,” abbreviated as “RPG” and with “Roblox” being a portmanteau of “robots” and “Minecraft”. The first game was called “Project L,” with its official name being “Roblox Studios.” The game was first released in 2006.
==> Roblox is a platform where players can create their own games, with the language of the games being Lua. Players can build games which can be viewed on computers, phones, and tablets, or viewed directly in Roblox’s website.
==> A player becomes their own character, who has different abilities, can pick from different clothing items, and interact with other players and players’ creations.
==> Roblox’s website features the option to display or hide the game’s users and Roblox’s editors.
==> Roblox can be accessed using a software client for a player’s computer, which uses an HTML5 player that runs on a web browser and a software-based architecture for the backend.
==> Since the platform is based on the Lua programming language, the game user must master the syntax, interface, and other mechanics that are common to Lua. Players must also read documentation related to the syntax and features of the game programming.
==> Roblox’s interface, control panel, and menus, are based on web applications, meaning that they are based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. All sorts of feedback are given via images, sounds, and animations. Roblox’s pages are interactive, requiring JavaScript to work.
==> Roblox’s game editors are very easy to use. Players can switch between the same game multiple times without losing progress. Most game editors offer two modes of construction: a visual mode and a text-based “code” mode.
==> Each game is stored on Roblox’s servers, which is accessible to all players and which contains the game and the relevant components.
==> A game can have between one and thousands of components


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Monday, 23 October 2014

The moon has come down on a rainy night. When the door opens, the room before you is a place of terror. Terror, but not in the way you think. The terror comes from the sound of the moon. All through the night, people have been having strange dreams, of a white giant with a glowing red eye.

In the morning, you wake to a strange atmosphere. It seems like the giant has returned. Except this time, they are no longer in their dream state. They are awake and strong enough to awaken a city.

In the distance, you hear a sound from the river. A pebble is washed off the shore. It appears to be a grain of sand. You walk towards the shore with what you believe to be your life in your hands. This is no ordinary dream.

In the distance, you see a red light and you hear a scream. It appears to be coming from the cave. You enter the cave and see blood splattered on the walls. You see a faint light on the opposite side of the cave. You follow the light and a woman steps out from the shadows and addresses you in a worried voice. She says, “Follow the light, follow the light, follow the light.”

In fear of your own safety, and maybe hers, you take the woman’s advice and proceed. You follow the light for what seems like hours until you arrive at an old abandoned warehouse. Ahead of you are two strong-looking man. You exit the cave into the moonlight and find a note by the door and a package containing gunpowder.

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Roblox is an online game platform where you build your own virtual world and play with others, as the Boss Babies. It was built by Rony Zambrano, who was inspired from portal games, and the visual style of Minecraft.

Minecraft for roblox

While you build your own thing in Roblox, it’s possible to also play Minecraft while doing so.

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