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USC students mark a Catholic university’s 100th anniversary

November 29, 2007

By Jordan Raines

The sun shines overhead, sending a coating of warmth through the air. Towering over them are the marbled walls of Franklin Hall, marking a room where the University of St. Thomas has been teaching for more than a century.

Students drift in and out of the building, talking quietly as they browse through books for their classes. Some gather around the small stove that serves as the main source of heat in the center of the room. A few sit on the floor around it, taking a break from their hurried travel.

St. Thomas’ classes, like their students, are used to the hustle and bustle of life at a Catholic university. The school is celebrating its Centennial anniversary this year, and the events are culminating with the Chancellor’s Celebration on Saturday.

The Centennial celebration has included a series of public events, including the panel discussion “Lifespan,” an hour-long discussion held at the Multicultural Student Center on Nov. 18. The event focused on the college’s efforts to educate a global community of people.

In addition to the panel discussion, this year’s Centennial celebration includes a series of events that are more specific to students.

Freshman Alice Lin, an accounting major, said she looks forward to the Centennial celebrations because she enjoys participating in them.

“I like to represent the University in the media and in the events that are going on. The more events they have, the more people they are getting to hear the information,” Lin said. “I

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