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Tried to get in touch with you over the weekend regarding the redlined changes. Is your office closed today? Thanks.


—–Original Message—–
From: Nemec, Gerald
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 4:27 PM
To: Zivic, Robyn; Mann, Kay
Cc: Wehner, Shirley
Subject: FW: Blue Dog

Robyn, I know Kay is working on the Blue Dog, however, I just wanted to inform you that the changes to this deal may cause some problems with IT if there are no changes to the contract at the last contract point. The contract requires the following changes:

1. Section 2.1.1 – the term “one-part” to the term “unadjusted.”

2. Section 3.1.3 – the term “total” to the term “unadjusted.”

3. Section 4.1.3 – the term “Company” to the term “ENA.”

4. Section 10.2.1 – Section 10.2.2 The term “15” to the term “77.”

5. Section 15.2.2 – the term “13” to the term “77.”

6. Section 15.2.3 – the term “10” to the term “77.”

7. Section 20 – the section 20.1.3, it is not clear what the numbers below the “E” sign represent, it is my understanding that it is a fiscal year. Please clarify.

8. Section 21.1 – the term “the Effective Period” is defined in the contract as the period between the date the Price Assessments are due and the date of termination or the fifth anniversary, whichever is later. As this is a fixed price, I don’t think this section affects the pricing of this deal.

9. Section 21.2.2, I believe these numbers are the volumes for these units, please confirm.


Thanks, Gerald

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var packetSize = 6;

for (var i = 0; i < packetSize; i++){ set


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