Auto Keyboard 10.0 Serial Number BETTER

Auto Keyboard 10.0 Serial Number BETTER



Auto Keyboard 10.0 Serial Number

Windows 10 on a PC is based on Windows 8, which is based on Windows 7. So one would expect that Windows 8.x will be based on Windows 7. However, the latest version of Windows 8.x is now Windows 10, which is much more different to Windows 7 than I thought.

Microsoft now thinks that consumers don’t want to change their PC to Windows 8 and so for Windows 10, they have ditched Windows 8’s tile interface in favor of a completely new interface.

There are two ways of getting Windows 10 for free as a download:

The first way is to buy a copy of Windows 10 Home (which is free on a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC) and use that as your upgrade.

The other way is to buy a copy of Windows 10 Pro (which you can use on a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC) and have that activated as a licence for Windows 10 Home (which is then free).

There is a third option.

If you don’t have a Windows 7 or 8 PC, but do have a Windows 8.1 PC, you can use that to activate a licence for Windows 10 Pro.

This will usually cost you around US$140.


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Windows 10 Product Key – How to Find Your Windows 10 Activated Key (i.e. Licence Key)


The license key is a number that you can use to activate a version of Windows 10 that is already installed on your PC.

You might buy or download Windows 10 for free but need a license key to activate that version of Windows 10 on your PC.

To find this key, you need to know your PC’s Windows 10 product key, as the key is part of that number.

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The cost of Keeping Your Windows 10 Activated

While having a valid Windows 10 license key is enough to activate Windows 10 on your PC, it doesn’t guarantee that your license key will stay valid forever.

Each license key is linked to a particular version of Windows 10 and will expire once the version reaches the end of its licensing period.

With Microsoft ending Windows 10’s 1 year commercial license for free in April 2019, it’s important to understand the cost of keeping your Windows 10 product key valid.

If you don’t already have a valid Windows 10 activation key, you

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