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JavaScript not executing due to space

I have a weird problem and have no idea where to start debugging this…
I have the following piece of JavaScript:
$(this).find(“.popout”).fadeOut(1000, function(){

If I remove the space between find and (.popin), this works fine. If I try to execute the function, it never works. If I add a space, it works for a second, then stops again and I can’t figure out why.
If I copy the script, paste it in the url bar and then execute it, it works fine (obviously…).
The page is actually based on the one that can be found here.
I’ve seen this behavior in FF, Chrome, Opera and IE. I don’t know if there’s a “code indent” setting on most browsers that could be influencing this…
What could be causing this?


It appears that the code has some un-minified logic when the page renders. Most browsers seem to have a minimum number of tabs that the tab won’t load if you have too few.
Remove the tabs from your question and you shouldn’t see this issue.


New to Android Development – can someone explain the use of “R” and “I”?

I’m working through some code and I am stumped on an isolated line in the code. Can someone explain the use of “R” and “I”?
Here is the code:
This is in res/anim/scrubber_anim.xml