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Do all equivalent sentences have same truth value?

In my book the following statement says:
$$\phi=\varphi_1 \wedge \varphi_2 \ \wedge \ \cdots \ \wedge \ \varphi_n$$
$$\psi=\varphi_1 \vee \varphi_2 \ \vee \ \cdots \ \vee \ \varphi_n$$
For all sentences $\varphi$, $T_1 \vdash \phi \leftrightarrow \psi$.
$T_1$: $\text{provable in PA}$
On the other hand, this statement says:
$$\phi=\varphi_1 \wedge \varphi_2 \ \wedge \ \cdots \ \wedge \ \varphi_n$$
$$\psi=\varphi_1 \vee \varphi_2 \ \vee \ \cdots \ \vee \ \varphi_n$$
$\text{Provable in ZF}$
For all sentences $\varphi$, $T_1 \vdash \phi \leftrightarrow \psi$.
$T_1$: $\text{provable in ZF}$
Can you explain why the first proposition is not provable in PA but the second one is provable in ZF?


You have two separate theorems which, when combined, say that for every sentence $\varphi$, if $\varphi$ is provable in one of two theories, then $\varphi$ is provable in the other theory. The first theorem says that if $\varphi$ is provable in PA, then $\psi$ is also provable in PA. The second theorem says that if $\varphi$ is provable in ZF, then

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