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The National Information Exchange Model’s (NIEM) Health Level 7 (HL7) domain should be included in all matching and transformation codes.

If you will not be immediately using the data, you must release it from your current EDI application. NIEM uses the Namespace for business processing. A business process is represented by a transaction.

Example: If you are receiving an HL7 message that includes an Attribute oncology.

Example: and Attribute oncology is my conversation domain, then the transaction with keythe current message and the domain value is my message.

. Resources Description Section. The following is a list of the codes contained in the NIEM.

Page 1 Introduction The National Information Exchange Model’s Health Level 7 (HL7) domain should be included in all matching and transformation codes. This is known as conversation identification. NIEM then provides a method for encoding and formatting messages within a set of domains (the code space). The HL7 sequence of elements includes transaction, record, and message.

Page 2. The transaction is a top-level grouping of the HL7 messages. You

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MPI_SEND over std::queue

I am trying to implement MPI_SEND operation over a std::queue for my multi-core C++ application that uses CUDA.
However, I am getting undefined behavior since std::queue stores only a pointer to its contents. I will have to use one of the shared pointers of std::shared_ptr.
Using shared pointers, is this the correct way to send data over a shared queue?
void MPI_Send(int dest, const std::shared_ptr& val) {
MPI_Send(dest, 1, MyType(val), MPI_ANY_SOURCE, 0, MPI_COMM_WORLD);


It is not the correct way to send from a queue, because shared pointer cannot be de-referenced within its own implementation (the de-reference may lead to a double free).
Some suggested replacements:

Use a pointer instead of a shared pointer.
Use a flat queue
Use another kind of queue

The second one is quite simple to implement by maintaining an ordered vector, and you can use it either as a queue or a priority queue.

This invention relates to an exhaust muffler and more particularly to a water cooled exhaust muffler having a low silencing index and having a small overall size.
The conventional water cooled exhaust muffler in which a cooling water is used to cool the flow of exhaust gas to reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas is described in, for example, Japanese patent application Kokai No. 55-124669. This water cooled exhaust muffler comprises a plurality of exhaust gas passages and a plurality of exhaust gas inlet passages interconnecting the exhaust gas passages, and heat exchangers disposed in the exhaust gas inlet passages to cool the exhaust gas. The heat exchangers are located downstream in the exhaust gas passages and are located upstream in the


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