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Trouble creating a sql database for java

I have been trying to create an sql database for a java application.
I have been using a system called oracle-jdbc
This is my code so far:
public class TestDatabase extends SQLDatabase {

protected static String NAME = “db1”;

public String DriverName() {
return “oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”;

protected final String getDatabaseName() {
return NAME;

public TestDatabase() {

String tableQuery = “CREATE TABLE Customer(CustID integer not null, FirstName varchar(25), MiddleName varchar(25), LastName varchar(25), Address varchar(75), City varchar(25), State varchar(25), Zip varchar(25), Phone varchar(25), Credit varchar(25), Primary Key(CustID))”;

Statement statement = this.getConnection().createStatement();

public List selectCustomer() throws SQLException {
Statement statement = this.getConnection().createStatement();
ResultSet resultSet = statement.executeQuery(“SELECT * FROM Customer”);

List temp = new ArrayList();
while ( {
temp.add(new Customer(

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SQL Query for tracking increase in Id

I have a table named Friends which has below info
Id Name Id

1 Amit 1
2 Amiya 1
3 Anushka 1
4 Amit 2
5 Amiya 2
6 Anushka

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