Enigma Tv Server Cracked List [BETTER]

Enigma Tv Server Cracked List [BETTER]


Enigma Tv Server Cracked List

a german acronym for the name of the machine was b.e. (for “bundeser tagebau”).[3] the name of the cipher was enigma (after the enigma machine), and the machine was officially called the enigma typ 96, or sometimes the enigma typ 96/i. the machine’s operator was called the enigma operator. the name enigma was also given to the type of machine and the cipher used by the machine, and to the method of coding the text into the machine (after the machine).

according to the official history of enigma, the machine was developed at the request of the german navy at the reichsmarineabteilung/bundesnachrichtendienst (bnd) under the direction of the chef des inlandsgeheimdienstes (chief of the foreign intelligence service), wilhelm canaris. the general idea behind the machine was to allow communications between german forces operating on land and at sea, especially naval forces. the navy felt that conventional radio communication methods were too easy to intercept and decode.

it was also believed that enigma would help germany keep secret the locations of its u-boats. radio transmissions could be decoded fairly easily, but encrypted messages using enigma could be used to transmit false information about where a ship was. messages were to be sent in a “few words” at a time, not one long message. it was hoped that the germans would buy the machine and pay the price germany set. germany did not want to pay too much since they already had the enigma encryption machine working well. it was hoped that the allies would buy it, but no one in the german government believed the allies would pay for it.

detector stations were positioned in known locations to monitor traffic coming from the city of berlin. the stations then compared the traffic to decrypted messages in order to identify who had communicated with whom and when. this system, the enigma network, was the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in the world, and it was used to intercept and decrypt hundreds of thousands of messages between german military, government and industrial leaders, and about every other field of government and industry that germany had a hand in, including communications between the germans and the allies.
based on this information, after the u.s. was informed of the enigma machine, the national security agency (nsa) immediately began cryptanalysis and decryption efforts using ibm’s (now hewlett-packard) mainframe computers.
as enigma was used by germans to send information to and from the allies, information was also routinely sent to the allies by other means. germans often used the red cross (rc), which could be found near the berlin zoo, as a cover for coded messages. this allowed the allies to intercept messages. the rc was then taken over by the germans, and it sent out false information about the true situation in germany. also, code-breakers intercepted messages between germany and other countries, including italy, poland, france, sweden, and spain.
at the beginning of the war, the germans had about 1,000,000 enigma machines in use, and it was expected that they would continue using them for the duration of the war. the allies believed that it was extremely unlikely that the allies could ever decrypt german messages.


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