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the cracks in time originated in the destruction of the doctor’s tardis when it came under the control of the silence ( tv : the time of the doctor ) which made it materialise outside amy pond’s house on 26 june 2010. river song tried to prevent the explosion, but completely lost control of the tardis. ( tv : the pandorica opens ) it exploded, cracking points in time and space, some of which the eleventh doctor had been to. this resulted in the majority of the universe never existing, but the tardis preserved earth by putting itself in a time loop at the moment of its death. the heat from the perpetual explosion heated the alternate earth in place of the sun. ( tv : the big bang )

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Macon-based creative director Curtis Shreve, who created the Magic Beach video with Fry, is passionate about using technology to explore the creative potential of virtual reality. When he watched that first, he was inspired by its immediacy and said, I could relate to it. Nothing else was pulling me in. Cracks Access Now, run by Tresor in Berlin, is a new project from the same creative team. The app is a VR account of the Crack magazine offices. It enables users to explore the all-new offices, even though theyre currently closed to the public during the pandemic. The experience is now open to all its readers for free, but will only be available for a limited time.
A&E producers are taking some interesting initiatives to reach viewers at home. In an email to Crack magazine, A&E entertainment chief Mary Berg says, When I watched the performance of Brian Nasty on Crack, I was really moved. Given the time and social constraints, to be able to watch a performance live while connected to their community felt authentic. So weve taken the idea behind the performance and are broadcasting all live performances from our Crack TV channel.
As for The Outdoor Room, Crack reached out to viewers after the event and, says Patty Loveless, it was the best response she has ever received. So the team is putting their heads together and recording another mini-series of live performances.
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