Windows 98 ISO Download Pc \/\/FREE\\\\

Windows 98 ISO Download Pc \/\/FREE\\\\

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Windows 98 ISO Download Pc

the next step is to choose your installation type. if you have limited system resources, you can choose the “custom” installation option. this will let you configure every bit of the hardware. if you have the resources to install windows 98 on a stand alone basis, you can choose the “install windows 98”. if you have both the choices, then you will have the option to let the computer detect the windows 98 installation. the “custom” installation option might slow down your computer system slightly, but it will let you optimize your windows 98 os as per your requirements.

after this, you will have to choose the disk partitioning for the windows 98. the most common disk partitioning formats are the mbr, the guided (default), and the dynamic (extended). if you want to install windows 98 on your hard drive, you could choose the guided partitioning option. but if you have space limitations, you should choose the dynamic disk partitioning option. in the dynamic disk partitioning option, you will see a list of drives on your computer. drag and drop the cd (labeled cd1 on your screen) and the windows 98 upgrade cd (labeled cd2 on your screen) into your partitions and let them configure the hard disks on your pc. the installation will install windows 98 to the selected partition.

after the windows 98 installation is done, you will have to restart your computer system. after the reboot process is done, you could go back to the previous step to customize some of the settings. if you have specific settings in mind, you could do that right from the start. the next step is to install windows 98 explorer. windows 98 does not support the “my computer” icon on the desktop. you will have to use explorer to open your drives and devices. you should make sure that you have the correct drivers for your hard disks installed. if you are installing windows 98 for the first time, you will have to activate it.

pristine, it will be a bit like a high school biology class in some ways. but it is unlikely that you will find a system that is as reliable and easy to use as that of a previous version of windows. even the desktops are now the same color as that of windows xp! you can choose a variety of colors in the start menu. and you can choose a different theme for the desktop.
if your pc is new and you want a different experience with windows, or you like the look of xp, then windows 98 might be for you. i watched several peopleinstalling 98 on vpc 2007real-time on youtube, and followed each step exactly, and when they reboot the machine, and get the boot from hard drive / boot from cd option, i still get the client mac addr.. / screen. i made sure i could boot from the physical drive, and i even went as far as to make the cd-rom a.iso file and tried to capture that, but i had no luck. is there something else i am doing wrong i even tried to download a boot disk, but couldn’t get that to work either.
there are options to customize the taskbar with the addition of microsoft plus. microsoft plus was a collection or bundle of applications where you could find anti-virus, disk cleaner, cd player, and wallpaper. all of these features were completely free for windows 98 andwindows 95users.
windows 98 is a continuation of the windows 95 product. the major change is an insanely heavy focus on web integration. the help system, many applications, and even the desktop are redesigned to make use of internet explorer. windows 98 runs on top of the same ms-dos 7.1 with fat32 support as windows 95 osr2, and it includes support for usb. windows 98 had two major releases – a first edition and a second edition. it was followed up by windows me.

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