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Autopol For Windows

The Autopol for Windows component provides the positive identification of polarimeters for robotics and other automated systems, which includes calibration protocols and performance testing for all polarimeters. This enables automatic system setup, transfer, and calibration. Robots can load instruments directly into the automation system. In-situ calibrations in reference laboratories and service technicians can transfer polarimeters in a simple and convenient way.

The Autopol for Windows component, loaded onto a PCI card, is designed to bridge the gap between laboratory automation and any instrument containing a USB port. Once connected to the USB port, the Autopol for Windows component takes over the power management. This component requires no external calibration capabilities.

The AUTOPOL For Windows component automatically validates systems and firmware. It contains various advanced testing modes such as calibration, identification, factory tests, transfer, validation, and more.

The monitoring of job progress can now be done directly within AutoPOL. The job is broken up into standard phases with the tool automatically advancing to the next phase when the specified process is finished. This enables the user to view the progress of the work and take necessary actions such as programming the next operation, moving parts, etc.

The new AutoPOL firmware version fixes some bugs and increases stability. It also updates the interface and the installation process, and if you already have a valid user key, you will be notified before the upgrade. The firmware is automatically updated after every new and major release. With the best-in-class AutoPOL Performance, AutoPOL VI & Cost Management, AutoPOL VI & Managed Operations, AutoPOL Managed Operations & Batch Data, AutoPOL Batch & Remote you now have a cost management solution that meets all your needs.

The Autopol is the most flexible and versatile polarimeter available. Autopols are the instrument of choice for a broad spectrum of research in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and aerospace industries.
Autopol is an acronym for Auto Polarimeter. Autopols are characterized by their ability to measure both polarization and rota- tion simultaneously at any wavelength. The instrumentation can automatically calculate wavelengths to calibrate all measurements.
The AutoPOL VI Polarimeter can be operated in three modes:Manual: manual operation of the instrument. Standby: the instrument is not operational, but the power is on. Server: the instrument is operational, but under control of a license server (server software is installed and operating on the computer, remotely).
To download AutoPOL VI you must first subscribe to our AutoPOL VI Software license service. To subscribe, please go to the AutoPOL VI Solutions page and fill in your data: Subscribe Now. After the subscription is accepted, AutoPOL VI will be downloaded to your computer.
A complete light source (unless specified) should be used and the cell holder should be preheated to 60C. The TempTrol Operator should be certified as a Model 37 or a Model 37 Plus. For those who are interested the TempTrol is also available as a Microsoft Robotics Studio Kit. This MS Robotics Studio Kit includes a practice robot along with the software for Win32 and Mac OS X. It is intended for use in education. For qualified teachers the TempTrol System will allow students to learn optics in an electronic environment. To ensure the best experience with the TempTrol System attach a computer monitor to the display. The ideal user has internet access to run the AutoPOL online tutorial and for the downloaded software to be operational. If you do not have internet access a user can download the AutoPOL For Windows software directly from within the software. The For Windows link takes you to the software download page.

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